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Because of their size and weight, driving an 18-wheeler or semi truck is very different than operating another passenger vehicle, such as a car, SUV, or pickup truck. That is why commercial truck drivers are required to receive a certain amount of training before they can get behind the wheel on their own. Unfortunately, many drivers do not receive adequate training from his or her employer. When this happens, the driver could make a potentially serious mistake on the road, causing an accident and potential injury to innocent drivers.

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Problems with Inadequate Training

When drivers do not receive adequate training before going on the road, they are not only endangering their own lives, but also the lives of other people on the road. Without training, an 18-wheeler driver could have problems with the following:

  • Operating the transmission
  • Driving with blind spots or “no-zones”
  • Handling turns with a trailer
  • Slowing down or stopping in time
  • Driving in hazardous weather, like rain and snow

When trucking companies send inadequately-trained drivers on the road, they are recklessly putting innocent drivers’ lives in jeopardy.

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