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The presence of large commercial trucks on the roadway can be intimidating to other motorists because of the substantial difference in size and weight. The danger that this represents is not limited to the amount of damage which may result from a collision, however. Due to the physical structure and size of an 18-wheeler, there are many areas in the immediate vicinity of the truck which the truck driver cannot see. These are referred to as “no zones”, and accidents which occur while a vehicle is in one of these locations can raise difficult legal issues.

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Truck No-Zones

Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate blind spots on vehicles as large as semi-trucks. This means, however, that truck drivers must be aware of the dangers of no-zones, and keep an eye on vehicles entering and exiting these sight-prohibitive spaces. Typically, no zones will be found in the following places:

  • A large area behind the truck
  • A large area on the passenger’s side behind the seat
  • A small section on the driver’s side behind the seat
  • A section in front of the truck, particularly if the vehicle is small

If a truck driver does not take a cautious and attentive attitude towards the truck’s no zone, it is likely that an accident will occur and the truck driver may bear liability for the consequences of such a crash.

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