Stevens Point Porch Collapse Attorneys

A porch can be a desirable feature for a home or commercial property, as it extends usable space beyond the walls of a home and allows guests to enjoy comfort outdoors. Unfortunately, these platforms can be dangerous if they are not properly built, inadequately maintained, and left without sufficient repair. Under a variety of circumstances, a porch may collapse, endangering the safety of all who are on or near it and the injuries that these parties sustain are likely to require extensive medical care.

If you or your loved one has been hurt in a porch collapse accident, you may be able to hold a negligent property owner accountable for the harm that you have suffered. The Stevens Point porch collapse attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. can help you to ensure that you have a full understanding of your legal rights and options in this difficult time. Contact us by calling 800-242-2874 today.

Causes of Porch Collapses

Older homes and buildings are more likely to have porches which will collapse, as these structures will have been exposed to the environment for longer and their materials may become compromised with age. However, poor construction or maintenance can make any porch a hazard. The following are representative causes of porch collapse:

  • Rusty nails, screws, and bolts may break
  • Rotted, old, or infested wood may be weakened
  • The foundation may shift, moving the porch out of alignment
  • Failure to adhere to pertinent building codes and industry standards
  • Loading the porch with too great a burden

Porch collapses strike suddenly, but responsible property owners can limit the likelihood of these calamitous events by providing regular and thorough maintenance and performing suitably frequent inspections.

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