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Placing your child in a child safety seat is the best way to keep them safe while riding in the car. Problems occur, however, when the safety seat that was meant to protect your child is defective and causes injury instead. Parts of a child safety seat that may become defective include ineffective seat buckles, inadequate harnesses, and defective padding. It is reported that 82% of all child safety seats are installed improperly due to confusing instructions. An incorrectly installed safety seat is ineffective in protecting your child from injury should you be involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Defective child safety seats have the potential to not only fail to protect your child, but also cause them even greater injuries. In other cases where the seat is properly installed, the slot that attaches the safety seat to the car may be too weak and break if the car is in a collision. Also, the device that is meant to hold your child in place may be defective and cause your child to slip out during a collision.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates child safety seats; however, thousands of defective seats still make it into the homes of unsuspecting families. Thousands of children are injured each year, leading to recalls and lawsuits. The key to protecting your rights and the rights of your child is to find an experienced lawyer. A skilled attorney will be able to evaluate your case and guide you through the complicated legal process. Share your story with us today by calling 800-242-2874 to take the first step.

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