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Wisconsin bill may decrease informed consent requirements for medical professionals

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If a Republican-sponsored bill were to be approved, medical physicians will not be required to provide information regarding all alternative treatments and tests, even those the doctor does not believe are pertinent to the patient, to patients.

The proposal, authored by Mequon Rep. Jim Ott and West Bend Senator Glenn Grothman, and backed by most doctors in the Wisconsin medical community, is an offshoot of a 2012 Wisconsin Supreme Court 4-3 ruling stating that a doctor’s “informed consent” duty includes telling patients of possible cures or alternative ways to medicate, even if the physician is of the mind that said medical remedies are far from the needed medical solutions for the patient’s sickness.

The proponents of the bill said the Supreme Court’s ruling in a prior case, which stated a more comprehensive informed consent mandate was to be used, will increase medical costs. Opponents to the bill, however, said that the bill does not support patient rights.

Under current laws, a doctor is mandated to provide full disclosure as to the availability of all viable modes of treatment.

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