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Triad cited in lawsuit for twin’s brain damage

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Reports of tainted medical wipes and swabs manufactured by Triad causing deaths and medical problems have been surfacing all over the country, and a lawsuit was recently ameded to cite the wipes as the cause of a 3-year-old boy's brain damage.

The boy, along with his twin brother, was born prematurely in 2007 in a Washington hospital. After spending weeks in neonatal intensive care, the boy's brother was in perfect health and able to go home. The boy, however, had suffered severe brain damage from a Bacillus cereus infection, which lead to cerebral palsy. The boy's parents filed a lawsuit against the hospital in 2009, although legal teams could not explain why only one of the boys would have suffered brain damage.

After reports surfaced of Triad wipes causing health problems, those involved in the boy's case realized that he may have contracted the infection from the wipes, which were found to have been contaminated with Bacillus cereus. This lawsuit is one of at least three that has been filed against the company.

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