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Toyota Prius recall issued globally

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Toyota issued a voluntary recall this week of 106,000 of its Prius vehicles. The recall involves vehicles sold in countries throughout the world, including Japan, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States.

52,000 of the Prius vehicles were recalled in the United States, and the recall was issued following an accident that occurred in the U.S. involving the defective vehicle. According to a statement made by Toyota, nuts in the cars' steering wheels can come loose over time after the wheel is repeatedly put in the full-lock position. Once the nuts become loose, the wheel becomes difficult to steer, thus endangering the driver.

In addition to this recall, Toyota also recalled 34 Venza and 16 Sienna vehicles for having faulty driveshafts. These recalls are just two of several that have been issued by Toyota in the past year.

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