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Furniture left in roadway leads to two crashes

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A driver who lost a
load of furniture from the back of his truck Wednesday caused two
crashes and many hours of traffic delays.

The State Patrol are still searching for the vehicle and the driver responsible for the lost furniture.

A number of motorists as well as the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department alerted the State Patrol to the accident around 6:45 PM Wednesday alerted the State Patrol to the
problem. There were shards of wood and broken glass spread across the
westbound lanes of Highway 29 near the Business Highway 51 exit.

Both a passenger van and a tractor-trailer struck mattresses in the road
and then collided. A
mattress became stuck in the tractor-trailer’s drive shaft and it had
to be towed from the scene.

A minivan behind the two vehicles had
to brake sharply to avoid striking them, which then led to a truck
behind the minivan crashing into it.
Nobody was injured in the two crashes.

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