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Wisconsin: One of Worst Seat Belt User States

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The Examiner reports that, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 73.8 percent of drivers use seatbelts. That statistic is well below the rest of the nation, with the national average at 84 percent. Young people are the least likely to wear seatbelts, which is frightening considering they are in 400 percent more accidents, according to The Examiner.

A couple recent crashes come to mind in light of these statistics, reports the Examiner. One was in South Central Wisconsin where three of six young adults travelling in a car were killed. They were not wearing seatbelts. In Richland County, three young women died in an accident where, again, none of them was wearing a seatbelt. 

The Examiner writes that, "Seat belts are more than 50% effective at preventing fatalities and are estimated to save as many as 15,000 lives each year."

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