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Child neglect trial ends in 12-year sentence

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Earlier this month, a Wisconsin judge sentenced a Rhinelander man to 12 years in jail, followed by 5 years of extended supervision.

The man was found guilty of child abuse recklessly causing great harm and child neglect resulting in death, two felony charges brought against him following the May 2009 incident. According to the prosecution, the 23 year-old father was responsible for leaving a tablet of morphine within the reach of the child, who proceeded to ingest the tablet. The father did not take the child to the hospital. The prosecution suspected that the man being high at the time of the incident had something to do with his negligence.

Sentencing came down as with 12 and 5 years respectively in jail, which will be served concurrently. After this stay in jail, the father will be expected to check in under the supervision of the state, specifically the District Attorney's Office.

The mother was acquitted in a January trial earlier this year of her felony count of child neglect.

Although the man's defense attorney alluded to a possible appeal, the judge was certain in his sentencing, and made a special comment admonishing the father for what seemed like a selfish lack of remorse for his crime.

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