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More Charges Facing Fatal Accident Semi-Truck Driver

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After being found not guilty of criminal charges related to a crash with multiple fatalities, semi-truck driver Michael Kozlowski now faces accusations of falsifying his driver's log.

In 2005, Kozlowski's truck tipped over on I-94 near Osseo. A bus carrying a high school marching band plowed into the overturned semi, resulting in five deaths and 28 injuries. He was found not guilty of 33 criminal counts by a jury in 2007.

However, authorities say he now faces a grand total of 20 counts of making false statements in his driver's log in the months leading up to the deadly wreck. The driver's log is used to record such important information as hours spent asleep in the cab and the times at which trips are completed. Kozlowski's case is set for trial in 2009. If convicted, he could receive up to five years for each count of this federal crime. 

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