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Family Enraged Over Pharmacist’s Punishment

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A Florida family is enraged over the penalty given to a pharmacy assistant who prescribed the wrong dosage of medicine for their 3-year-old boy—a mistake that claimed his life last October.

Sebastian Ferrero was given ten times the correct amount of a growth drug that he needed.  The Shands Hospital pharmacist responsible for the mistake was penalized with only a fine, a decision that Ferrero’s parents found more than unacceptable.

Pharmacist Edna Irizarry was fined $1,000 for her mistake, plus an additional $2,400 in investigative costs.  Her punishment also requires that she attend an eight-hour course on how to fill prescriptions.

While the Ferreros have received an $850,000 settlement from Shands Hospital, they are still angered that harsher punishments have not been brought against the pharmacist for her mistakes.  They are appealing to the governor in the hopes that he will launch an investigation.

The family plans to use the money from their settlement with Shands Hospital to help build a new Children’s Hospital in Gainesville.

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