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North Texas Bus Investigations to Begin

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Federal regulators will be meeting August 11th to investigate the details of a bus accident in North Texas that resulted in the death of 17 of the bus’ passengers.  The owner of the bus company, Angel de la Torre, and his lawyer agreed to meet representatives of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in Houston to discuss details of the accident.

One topic of investigation that federal regulators will be sure to investigate is the destination of the bus in question.  Mr. Torre was hired to take a group of church members to Carthage, Missouri.  However, his bus companies, Angel Tours and Iguala Busmex, had been barred from leaving the state of Texas.  There is also uncertainty as to whether Mr. Torre’s $5 million insurance policy will be able to transfer to the families of the victims.  If not, the victims’ families could potentially receive no compensation.

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