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Tainted Doctors Hired to Care for Prisons’ Population

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The Wisconsin Department of Corrections routinely hires doctors that have been reprimanded for serious occurrences by the State Medical Examination Board to care the population of the state prisons.

One doctor hired by the Department of Corrections was sanctioned for causing severe brain damage to a 16-month-old boy who was receiving anesthetics before having his tonsils removed. Another wrote false prescriptions to herself to receive drugs. A third gave out pain killers to patients without actually diagnosing an illness.

Of the 23 physicians employed with the department in April of this year, four, or 17 percent, have been disciplined by the state Medical Examining Board for incidents that occurred before the department hired them. Of 37 physicians on the department’s payroll since the beginning of 2002, eight, or nearly 22 percent, have been disciplined for incidents that happened either before they were hired or during their employment with the department. This isn’t an awful percentage until compared to the state percentage of 1.5 to 2% of the state’s doctors.

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