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Where Lead Poisoning Occurs

Lead poisoning is a serious medical condition that is easily contracted. Historically, lead poisoning has been a large problem for people who worked with lead. Mining lead especially caused issues for miners’ health.

Today, however, the risks associated with lead poisoning are much better understood. This means that people who work with and around lead can take certain precautions to help keep them safe. This does not, however, prevent every occurrence of lead poisoning as an occupational hazard. People who work with lead are still very much at risk.

Outside of people who work with lead, most cases of lead poisoning are in children younger than twelve. The lead poisoning they contract is mainly from ingestion of contaminated soil, or ingestion of lead dust or paint chips. While the problem of contaminated soil is not as much of an issue when unleaded gasoline is used, lead dust and paint chips are still a serious problem. This is especially true in older houses.

Lead based paint has a sweet taste and is likely to chip or powder. Young children may eat the paint chips or inhale the powder. In most states, landlords are required to inform their tenants of the risk associated with lead based paint.

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