When Dogs Attack

The first step to take after any sort of animal attack, dog or otherwise, is to neutralize the situation. The dog should be secured by the owner and the victim moved to a safe area. Do not begin to render aid until the dog cannot attack again.

First Aid

To control the bleeding, put pressure on the wound using gauze or a clean terry cloth towel. If bleeding is excessive and soaks through, add another layer of gauze. Do not remove any of the bandages because this inhibits the blood from clotting.

Use soap and warm water to clean the wound. Make sure the wound is cleaned thoroughly both inside and out. Once bleeding has stopped and the wound is clean, cover it with clean, dry dressing.


A series of rabies shots may be required if the dog is suspected to be rabid. If it is a stray dog, then the shots will be required. It is very important to finish the series of shots so that the virus has no chance of manifesting itself.

Your Rights

Dog owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets. This means that any injury a dog inflicts is at the liability of its owner.

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