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When Cars Hit Bicycles

Car crashes occur far too often and are generally avoidable. This means that someone must be responsible for the incidence of any given car crash. Sometimes it is one driver, sometimes both. Sometimes, the driver does not hit another car, but collides with a cyclist instead.

When cars collide with bicycles, the repercussions can be great. Unlike when a car hits another car, there is no protection afforded by a bicycle. For this reason, there are more things that can go wrong when a car hits a cyclist.

A bicycle has a much smaller mass than a car, making the force transference much greater from car to bicycle than from car to car when traveling at comparable speeds. This means that the cyclist is far more likely to be seriously injured.

Often, cars hit bicycles because the driver either doesn’t see the bicycle, or underestimates its speed. Cyclists can often travel at speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour. This is just as fast as a car and can cause a great deal of damage in an accident.

To avoid collisions with bicycles, drivers should be aware of their surroundings. This includes the physical surroundings as well as who else is on the road. This can greatly reduce the incidence of car to bicycle collisions.

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