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Water Park Accidents

Water parks offer hours of family friendly recreation. Many fun memories can be made whirling down a slide. However, safety must be a top concern as there are many ways people can be injured. With the increasing competition of the water park industry, rides are getting bigger and faster. However, that also means more dangerous as well.

Accidents at water parks have many causes. People can fall of the rides. The fright from the extreme stress caused by an attraction can result in heart failure. In addition, it is possible to become entrapped between rides. Ride malfunction easily can result in back injuries. In addition, exits from the rides could be unsafe. Due to the massive amounts of water in the park, the walk ways are often slippery and falls are common.

Injuries can range from a simple cut to a permanent spinal cord injury or death. Amputations of limbs have had to be performed as a result of a person being a pinned by a ride. It is important to take all the necessary precautions, but sometimes injuries are due to negligence of the theme park.

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