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Vacuum Cleaner Dangers

Most people are at least somewhat aware of the potential dangers of some common household products and appliances. Electrical fires, for example, are a well-known cause of domestic injury and death, and serious burns from stovetops, irons, and hairdryers account for a good deal of emergency room visits across the nation every day.

One object that is probably pretty low on your list of in-home concerns is your vacuum cleaner. However, a number of cases have appeared in recent years in which these appliances have been directly responsible for avoidable injuries.

In a recent example, a Washington, D.C. woman suffered third-degree burns on her hand when her vacuum exploded without any warning. The model in question has since been linked to several similar incidents, with company officials blaming faulty wiring and issuing a general recall of their product.

Another worrisome area involving vacuum devices concerns children coming into contact with the hot, friction-producing parts of an operational appliance and suffering burns, or running into the vacuum and suffering blunt trauma. Although these incidents are not widespread, a recent medical report draws attention to the potential severity of the cases when they do occur.

While being paranoid in one’s own home is certainly no way to live, the examples mentioned above further attest to the need for constant vigilance at all times and in all settings.

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