Trailer Accidents

Whether you’re towing a car across the country, helping a friend haul some firewood, or dealing with living cargo such as horses or cattle, trailers of all shapes, sizes and functions can help get the job done. Unfortunately, statistics show that having a trailer or other type of attachment on your vehicle can greatly increase the potential of a serious road accident.

A Common Problem

Some typical accidents involving trailers include:

  • Visibility problems – a large item in tow, such as a camper, can significantly impede a driver’s awareness of what is around him or her on the road. Many trailer drivers fail to take into account the need for additional mirrors and slower driving.
  • Poor hitch quality – one of the most easily overlooked and potentially deadly complications from trailer driving, damaged or malfunctioning hitches can cause anything in tow to come loose and go careening across the highway.
  • Handling concerns – the sheer size of a trailer can cause many drivers to make fatal mistakes. If, for example, they do not allow adequate space in front of cars, the vehicle behind can clip the front end and cause major damage.
  • Load problems – poor loading techniques and weight shifting around in a trailer can lead the vehicle to wobble precariously while moving at high speed.

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