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The Perils of Drunk Motorcycling

Motorcycles, mopeds, and other two wheeled vehicles have become increasing popular across the US in recent years. Unfortunately, the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities has also been rising. A key factor in many bike crashes is reckless behavior on the part of the biker, particularly the abuse of alcohol or other drugs. About 2/3 of bikers killed in accidents were intoxicated at the time.

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Reasons Not to Bike Drunk

Everyone has heard of the dangers of drunk driving, but the issue of intoxicated motorcyclists tends to get less media attention. The truth is that alcohol has many effects that can affect your ability to bike safely, including:

  • Concentration difficulties. Intoxicated people are less likely to notice hazards or sudden changes in their environments, such as obstacles or sudden curves in the road.
  • Impaired reflexes. Even if an intoxicated person notices a change – a red light, for example, or a car pulling in front of him or her – he or she will have a hard time reacting quickly.
  • Lowered inhibitions. Intoxicated bikers are more likely to make dangerous decisions such as speeding, cutting in front of cars, and so on.

You do not have to be very drunk to be a danger on the road; even small amounts of alcohol can affect your thought processes and reflexes. If you plan on biking home from an event, it is best to not drink alcohol at all.

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