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The Dangers of Trains

Trains are an important part of American history and a vital part of our economy. But as important and romantic as trains may be, they are extremely dangerous and the utmost caution should be taken when trains or train tracks are nearby.

While it is tempting to want to rely completely on train signals and other cautionary equipment, these can be faulty and the result is usually serious injury or death. Always stop and look both ways before crossing a train track. Train crossing signals can be defective or malfunctioning and may fail to warn drivers or pedestrians when a train is actually passing through.

Trains that may have hit obstructions on the tracks and jumped off the rails can be another form of danger for drivers and pedestrians. The Federal Railroad Administration reports that around 3,000 train accidents occur every year in the United States. About 1,000 of these accidents were fatalities.

Due to their sheer size and strength, any train accident is going to be very severe. Trains are very different from cars and trucks. Drivers have very limited control of the train and avoiding an object on the track is almost impossible. It can take an average 150-car freight train traveling 50 miles per hour 8000 ft. (or 1.5 miles) to stop.

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