Strict Liability

Strict liability is the doctrine in law that assigns liability to an individual for the damages and losses that are a result of his or her acts and omissions regardless of culpability. The concept is very important to product liability in the area of torts.

In torts, strict liability involves imposing liability on a party without finding that the party was negligent or at fault in some way. The plaintiff only has to prove that the tort happened and that the defendant was responsible in some way. Strict liability is most frequently applied to individuals who work in an inherently dangerous situation or in a situation that is hazardous.

As an example of a situation where strict liability would apply, a person is injured in a visit to a wild animal park by a tiger that slipped off its leash and mauled him. The person does not have to prove that the collar on the tiger was too loose or that the leash was inadequate considering the strength of the tiger. The mauled individual need only prove that he was mauled by a tiger owned by the wild animal park.

Another example of the application of strict liability is the demolition of a building that is carried out by a subcontractor that lacks the correct insurance. If something goes wrong in a demolition job and a person is injured, the subcontractor is on the hook for the injuries since was in charge of demolition. Demolition is one of those inherently hazardous areas of work.

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