Sexual Consent

Sexual consent is the idea that at every stage of sexual contact, explicit and freely-given verbal or physical agreement must be expressed by both individuals. It is a crucial concept that applies to everyone in every situation, regardless age, gender, sexual preference, and relationship status.

At its core, consent is about constant communication as sexual behaviors progress. Any degree of hesitancy, verbal or physical, must be respected by the other individual for consent to be intact. One way to understand consent is to say that it is the presence of a “yes”-indication at every level, rather than the absence of a “no.” This means not making any assumptions about your partner’s wishes, or believing that desires shown earlier in the evening necessarily still apply.

Sexual consent has become more and more important over the years, as society slowly starts to recognize the extent to which harassment and unsolicited advances can pervade a sexual partnership. For example, consent is what allows us to understand and define marital rape, a heinous crime that went unacknowledged for centuries. It has also aided millions of victims of related forms of assault realize and give a name to their situation, an empowering feeling crucial to emotional recovery and serving justice.

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The law is very clear about who can give sexual consent and what constitutes unwarranted advances. Difficult as it may be, if you even remotely suspect that your full and freely-given consent was not a part of a sexual encounter, it is essential that you investigate the possibility of having been abused.

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