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Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer

The best way to find a great injury lawyer is from a personal reference. Ask your friends for names. If you know an attorney, ask him for a recommendation. Local attorney associations can offer names from their lists as well. The yellow pages are always an option but be sure to consult a couple of attorneys before selecting one. The internet always has an abundance of information available to help you with your search.

Once you find one you like, call them. They will provide you with a free consultation so that you can better make a decision as to whether you would like to work with them. Make sure to choose someone who not only is knowledgeable but who you like as well. Do they seem concerned and how experienced are they? If you do not feel comfortable, move on to a different lawyer. It is important to have a good working relationship.

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so it is not necessary to pay before your case. Most attorneys will cover all the costs associated with investigators, filing fees, hiring expert witnesses, etc. Then the lawyer will take a specified percentage of the money which is rewarded if the case is won. With a contingency fee, anyone can file a suit regardless of their personal financial status. Contingency fees vary, but on average they account to 25-40% of the recovery. However, lower is not always the best option. A more experienced lawyer can often win a greater settlement.

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