School Bus Hazards

Millions of children rely on a school bus to get to and from school on a daily basis. Sports teams use the buses to get to away games and numerous other school groups use these bright yellow vehicles to get where they need to go. Unfortunately, school buses are not necessarily the safest vehicles to convey children.

While school buses are required to undergo a number of crash tests before a design is accepted, the designs are not fool proof. The biggest problem for school buses is that they are high vehicles. This gives them a very high center of gravity. When a vehicle has a high center of gravity, it is more prone to tipping. School buses are exceptionally high and, for the most part, do not have much weight on the lower part of the bus.

Another problem with school buses is that they have very large blind spots. This makes it easy for small children to be hit by the bus when they walk in front of it. Also, they block large areas of space making it easy for a car not to see a child coming around a bus.

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