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Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolds are an important part of virtually any construction situation, allowing crew members to access all parts of a project. Apart from the estimated 70 percent of construction workers who use these skeletal systems of platforms and supporting bars in their job every day, scaffolding also serves a number of other professions, from painters and electricians to window cleaners and miners.

As vital as it is, scaffolding presents a number of major hazards to anyone working on or around it. Unsound structural integrity and poor observance of crucial safety measures near scaffolds results in an average of 50 deaths and 4,000 injuries every year.

Given the number of scaffold setups in your average urban center, there are literally thousands of opportunities for harm to befall workers and bystanders at any given moment. Some of the more common ways in which scaffolds lead to danger are:

  • Improper installation – even the sturdiest platform can be deadly in the event of poor installation
  • Poor material quality – conversely, when a structure is made from poor materials, a solid installation is basically meaningless in terms of safety.
  • Improper use – this can range from unsafe movements between platforms (e.g. climbing on the outside of bars) to running or jumping around the structure.
  • Other hazards, such as falling objects and electric shock (in the event of a lightning strike or when working with power tools)

Keep in mind that people on the ground and others nearby may be injured by any and all of these events, in addition to workers. As a result, scaffolding safety is critically important for workers and the public alike.

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