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Safety Tips for Driving in Icy Weather

Ice build-up on roads can present one of the most hazardous driving conditions possible, especially when compounded by problems of poor visibility. An icy surface can completely alter the way in which your car responds to the pavement, resulting all too frequently in serious accidents caused by inexperienced or hasty drivers who fail to understand this crucial fact.

The best way to avoid driving-related injury, short of staying home, is to take it slow. Generally, if you are driving under thirty miles per hour, an accident that does not involve another, faster-moving car will not result in any serious bodily harm. Avoid any routes that require a lot of turning, as every turn of the wheel presents an opportunity for slips and skids. With this in mind, always apply your brakes gently, and come as close as you can to a dead-stop when making 90-degree turns at intersections.

Icy weather greatly increases the need for safe behavior regarding other drivers. This means both signaling your intentions well in advance and keeping a healthy distance from cars around you. Another technique you can use at slow speed in especially extreme conditions is to hug the curb with the side of your tire, which can afford a much greater degree of traction than the road alone.

Finally, if you do find yourself beginning to skid, tap the brakes lightly and turn the wheel in the direction of the skid.

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