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Safe Operation of ATVs

Wisconsin is a huge state, with large amounts of lightly developed land and limited infrastructure. Additionally, winter months see heavy snowfall that can limit mobility. For these and other reasons, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) have become very popular as a means of getting around in areas that other vehicles cannot go. Unfortunately, the presence of these vehicles also presents a safety hazard, as they have limited safety features and cannot travel at a very high speed. For this reason, several laws exist prohibiting their use to protect ATV operators and drivers alike from accidents and injury.

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Limitations on Use

Despite regulations, many ATV owners illegally operate their vehicles on or near roadways. While the risk of injury in an ATV accident is much higher for the exposed ATV operator, it can have equally serious repercussions for the drivers of other vehicles in the right circumstances. ATVs can only be legally operated in the following areas:

  • Any private property
  • Roads used for the agricultural industry
  • When crossing a bridge that is designated as an ATV route
  • Roads which are not regularly groomed for the use of conventional vehicles during the winter months

ATVs are permitted to cross roads when necessary, but must come to a full stop and yield to any car or pedestrian present.

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