Rollover Accidents

The possibility of rolling a car should be a significant concern for any individual that has an SUV, minivan, or truck. This type of accident is the most fatal type and occurs more frequently in SUVs, minivans, and trucks. Individuals that own a vehicle with four-wheel-drive should be even more concerned.

There are more than 280,000 rollover accidents reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) every year. From these 280,000 accidents, there are 10,000 lives claimed every year. In 2003 alone, of all the fatal accidents involving SUVs, 35.7% involved the vehicle rolling.

Rollover accidents are directly attributable to a vehicle’s stability in turns. The more stable a vehicle is in a turn, the more likely it is not to roll. The less stable a vehicle is while turning, the more likely it is to roll. Stability correlates pretty much directly to a vehicle’s center of gravity and track width. The track width is the distance between the tires. The center of gravity is the average location of the weight of an object. A vehicle with a high center of gravity and narrow track width is likely to roll while a vehicle with a low center of gravity and a wide track width is not as likely to roll. No vehicle is roll-proof but the chances are less with a vehicle with a low center of gravity and wide track width.

SUVs and trucks with four-wheel-drive are the most likely vehicles to roll. This is because they have extra ground clearance for off-road driving. The extra ground clearance raises their center of gravity even more.

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