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Problems with Child Safety Seats

The child safety seat is a very important invention that has saved the lives of numerous children that have been in car accidents. Unfortunately, they sometimes don’t act as advertised. Child safety seats, like every other product, are subject to the same number of problems as any other product.

Common defects in a car seat include manufacturing defects, design defects, warning and instruction problems, and incompatibility. Manufacturing defects include problems with the manufacturing of plastic shells, the harnesses for the baby, and the accessories that go with the seats. Design defects relate to problems in the design of a seat. They commonly include problems with the shape of the plastic shell, the buckle, latch; inadequate padding and harness design. These problems contribute to excessive head excursion (forward and or side movement of the head) and ejection from the car seat in the event of an accident.

The warnings and instructions on car seats are commonly very confusing which is a problem since proper use and correct installation are imperative for the device to work properly. The warnings and instructions that accompany child safety seats are frequently inadequate or just plain wrong. 80% — 90% of all child seats are improperly installed primarily due to poorly worded, inadequate, and confusing directions.

Incompatibility is another problem that causes safety seats not to work correctly. This problem arises when the safety seat does not fit into the car’s seats well which prevents the seat from being anchored to the seat tightly. When it is loose, the seat can move around in the event of an accident which allows the seat to hit parts of the interior.

These are not the only problems that can be seen which are related to child safety seats. These are merely the most common. Because of this, it is important to check for recalls of your safety seat as sometimes problems are discovered.

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