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Pedestrian Safety through Automobile Design

Approximately 1.2 million people are killed each year in automobile accidents worldwide, and nearly two-thirds of those are pedestrians. Attempts to reduce this number have typically focused on driver and pedestrian education in an attempt to limit the number of driver / pedestrian collisions.

However, in recent years automobile designers and manufacturers have been working to create new designs that are aimed at limiting injury and mortality rates should a car / pedestrian collision occur. Typically, this has been focused on improvement to the bumpers, hoods and windshields of cars to reduce the force of impact a car would have on an individual, while still ensuring the structural safety of the car.

The Frontal Protection System

In an accident involving an automobile and a pedestrian, the pedestrian suffers two points of impact as a result of the collision: first, the impact of the car on the pedestrian, and secondly, the eventual impact of the pedestrian with the ground. Although both are dangerous and potentially deadly, it is the impact of the car upon the individual that normally results in the most damage.

The most common cause of fatalities in pedestrian accidents is brain damage resulting from the impact of the pedestrian’s head on the hood or windshield of the vehicle. A device called a Frontal Protection System (or FPS) can be fitted to the front of a vehicle to protect pedestrians and cyclists who may be struck by an automobile in a front end collision by absorbing some of the force of the collision.

While continuing educational programs aimed at both drivers and pedestrians about road safety, automobile redesign and product development (such as the FPS) should help reduce the number of fatalities and injuries resulting from accidents involving pedestrians.

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