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Paintball Gun Incidents

Paintball guns are at the top of a growing list of products marketed toward adolescents and young adults that straddle a fine line between recreational diversion and powerful, potentially deadly instrument. Despite having come a long way in terms of safety equipment and features since paintball first came onto the scene, many unsuspecting parents and consumers fail to recognize the enduring and serious dangers of this pastime.

While it is tempting to see paintball guns as little more than grown-up toys, this view has been tragically disproved time and time again. In one recent example, a mother who was at a paintball range for her son’s birthday was killed when the valve connecting a highly-pressurized canister of carbon dioxide shot off the back of a gun. The woman, who was struck in the back, fell into a coma and did not regain consciousness.

Granted, most incidents involving paintball guns do not end with such dire consequences. In fact, it is estimated that only 1 in 4,000 paintball participants will be required to visit a doctor at some point, as compared with 1 in 33 football players.

But although accidents do happen, so do more malicious incidents. Several saddening cases have come forward in recent years in which paintball guns were used in reckless assaults on innocent bystanders.

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