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Negligence in Medical Recordkeeping

When most of us think of negligence in the practice of healthcare, we imagine doctors making critical errors while in a surgery or prescribing the wrong medication. While these mistakes certainly occur, it is surprising and frightening how often patients face serious health issues due to other problems, such as errors in medical recordkeeping.

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Types of Medical Record Errors

Doctors and nurses rely on your established medical record in order to make sure that you receive the proper treatments and medications while avoiding unsafe drug interactions or potential allergens. If your medical history, medications you use, or allergies you have are not properly recorded and maintained, your life could be at risk any time you seek help for an existing medical problem.

There are many different ways that negligence in recordkeeping could put your health at risk, including:

  • Vague or incorrect descriptions of your symptoms
  • Incorrect or missing history of past treatments
  • Incorrect information on current medications
  • Incorrect or missing information on allergies
  • Switching your record with another patient’s information

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff all work together to keep your medical information updated and accessible. If professionals fail to follow through on these basic duties, you and your loved ones can be the ones to suffer.

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