Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are perhaps the most common piece of household gardening equipment in America. Unfortunately, they can also pose a significant risk if improperly designed, manufactured, or used. Lawn mower-related injuries account for thousands of hospital visits every year, often inflicting serious bodily harm.

Risks of Lawn-Mower Use

The fast-spinning blades of a lawn mower can be responsible for a number of accidents, including:

  • Deep cuts
  • Lost fingers and toes
  • Broken and dislocated bones
  • Burns
  • Eye-related complication

The vast majority of these accidents are preventable if proper safety guidelines are followed. In recent years, however, several cases have come forward in which faulty product design or poor instruction was to blame for lawn mower accidents. Companies that produce lawn mowers are required by law to include certain safety features in their equipment in order to prevent dangerous situations. The lack or inadequate installation of these features can result in roll-overs on riding mowers and unintentional reversal on hand-driven devices, among other life-threatening events.

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