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Injuries from Computer-related Activity

From warehouse inventory to video game design and all manner of occupation in between, computers are coming to play a vital role in more and more lines of work every day. With Americans logging millions of hours behind the keyboard each hour, it is no surprise that injuries related to chronic overuse or poor posture have become one of the most worrisome issues of workplace healthcare.

Pain related to the back and neck, shoulders and arms, and headaches are all common problems related to computer use. Poor posture, design of the user’s workstation, and sitting down for long periods all contribute to these issues.

Many people incorrectly assume that being seated does not require any muscular effort. However, in truth, it can still produce a serious level of fatigue on parts of the body, reducing circulation to the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

When a work station is not properly set up, it can produce an even greater degree of stress on the joints. To best ensure your computer station’s safety, follow some of these basic points:

  • Use a desk that is fully adjustable for computer use. The monitor should be at eye level or slightly lower.
  • Your keyboard should be at a place that lets your elbows rest comfortably at the side, with your forearms parallel to the floor and level with your keyboard.
  • The chair should be so positioned that your feet rest flat and comfortably on the floor; if they do not reach the ground, prop your feet up on a stool
  • Make the switch to an ergonomically-designed chair, which naturally cradles the curve of your spine.
  • An ergonomically-correct keyboard will offer your hands and wrists a natural, relaxed typing position
  • Taking short, frequent breaks, such as a brief walk about the office or a stretching exercise at your desk will ensure your body does become too fatigued in a single position

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