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How to Survive a Truck Accident

Getting into a truck accident is serious. With over a ton behind you, the cab is the most vulnerable place in an accident. Over five hundred drivers die every year from truck accidents. The two most common types of truck accidents with fatalities are rollovers and fires.


When driving such a large rig, accidents are usually much more serious, involving more vehicles, more fuel, and more speed. Rollovers are involved in almost 60% of all fatal truck accidents. Unfortunately, the main problem in rollover accidents is because of the poor construction of the cab. In almost every case, when the cab is flipped over, the roof collapses and the driver is killed. There are other designs, especially in Europe, that are stronger, but have not yet been adopted in America. In the past, the best way to avoid dying in a rollover truck accident is to jump out of the cab before it turns over.


The other most common type of truck accident is involving fires. With so much fuel the chance of fire is great. However, the cause of the fire is something you may not think of. Diesel is not easily caught on fire, even with all sparks that a wreck rig could have. In fact, the most likely cause of a fire is when the extra batteries are smashed or crushed. Keep your batteries outside the cab, whether in front of the fifth wheel or under the frame, to keep the fire as far from the cab as possible.

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