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High School Sports Injuries

Playing a sport in high school can have many positive effects on an adolescent.
Sports teach teamwork, patience, self-control and a strong work ethic. But while
playing a sport can be great for personal and physical growth, some high school
administration and staff can forget what the true purpose of sports is. Every year,
often as a result of intense pressure by adults, high school students are injured
in sports.

The Centers for Disease Control reported that an estimated 1.4 million sports related
injuries occurred during the 2005-2006 school year. The sports with the most accidents

  • Football
  • Wrestling
  • Soccer
  • Basketball

Minimizing the Risk for Student Athletes

The number of sports-related injuries has drastically dropped since the 1990s. Adolescents
are now nearly half as likely to experience an injury today. But minor and serious
injuries still occur, though there are a number of easy preventative measures that
can help prevent them.

To avoid possible injuries, students should always wear the best available products
for safety. Safety pads and helmets should also be replaced routinely. Other important
things to remember are:

  • Take routine drink breaks
  • Avoid practicing for long hours mid-day during summer months to avoid heat stroke
  • Avoid practicing or playing on wet or sticky surfaces
  • Always play within the rules of the game

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