More Hazards of Jet Skis

A personal water craft (PWC), also known as a jet ski, is a great source of fun. They mix the elements of speed and water to give people a shot of adrenaline. Unfortunately, speed and water can be two very dangerous things.

PWCs have an inclination toward high speeds, so they present a lot of the same risks as motor boats. There is always the risk of a collision with another jet ski, a boat, or even land or a dock. Any of these collisions can cause serious injuries.

On top of the risk of collision that comes with any high speed vehicle, there is a risk of drowning. If a rider falls off the PWC and is not wearing a floatation device, it is highly possible for that rider to drown. Often this is because the jet ski continues to travel far lengths of the rider after the rider falls off. This can be avoided on some PWCs with a dead man switch attached to a lanyard. If the rider doesn’t use the lanyard, however, it will not work.

An injury unique to PWCs is called an orifice injury. This occurs when the rider falls off the back of the PWC and is caught in the high pressured jet. Without the proper equipment, the jet will push water forcefully into any orifice that is in the way. This can cause serious internal injury, and can often lead to the death of the rider.

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