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Hazardous Home Appliances: Space Heaters

Every year when the weather turns chilly, every type of space heater disappears from department stores as people hurry to make their homes warm and cozy. Space heaters are even popular in homes with central heat as they allow house dwellers to warm up each room to their liking, thus avoiding the yearly wars over the thermostat. They can also significantly cut down on the amount of electricity used at night as they allow for the house to be set at a much colder temperature while inhabitants stay toasty in their rooms.

But despite the energy saving and the argument abating benefits of space heaters, they contain many possible dangers.

Types of Dangerous Heaters

The most common space heater hazard is fire. All space heaters can potentially start fires, but completely electric heaters should be avoided altogether. These heaters can set fire to anything that might be left near them. Heaters that use hot oil that flows through the system are a much safer bet.

Another health hazard of space heaters involves gas space heaters. These devices can let off toxic levels of CO2 resulting in possible death to those in the room with the heater.

If you wish to have a space heater in your home, do a good deal of research on safety before you buy one. Once you have the heater, be sure to always turn it off after you wake up or leave the room.

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