Hair Dryer Dangers

If you have long hair and the air is brisk outside, you will likely need to use a hair dryer. While millions of women and men use hair dryers everyday, few are aware of the potential dangers that are inherent with hair dryer usage. Being aware of these dangers before you plug any type of hair dryer in is of utmost importance in protecting yourself from injury.

Hair dryers usage can result in the following:

  • Shock–if a hair dryer is touches water it can cause electric shock. If a dryer drops in the bathtub while an individual is using the bath, the bather will likely die. Being aware of the possibility for shock is important as most people use hair dryers in the bathroom where water is abundant.
  • Sucking–long hair can get caught in the motor of hair dryers. This can cause bruising of the scalp and burning of the hair
  • Burning–hair dryers held too close to the scalp can cause burns to the scalp. This is especially true with older hair dryers that were not effectively monitored and tested before they were put on the market. Keep your dryer at a reasonable heat and turn it off if your scalp starts to tingle or hurt.

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