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Farm Animal Hazards

When we think of dangerous animals, our first mental images are usually of lions, tigers, bears, snakes, or sharks – not cows and sheep. Most people consider farm animals to fairly peaceful creatures. After all, compared to a viper or a Great White, how much damage could a harmless heifer or goat possibly do?

The truth is that animals of every size and shape are unpredictable and capable inflicting injury on humans. Thousands of people around the world are hurt by farm animals every year, with many of these cases being fatal.

Types of Accidents

Accidents involving farm animals can take a number of forms. Below are a few of the more common categories of animal injuries:

Kicks and Attacks

Despite their docile looks, horses and livestock are incredibly powerful, and an unexpected kick can easily land you in the hospital. Horses are especially prone to being startled, and even the most well-trained mare is likely to kick out when scared.

Many new mothers of mammalian species will be aggressively protective of their young, not hesitating to ram a human who gets too close for comfort. However, others attack out of the blue for no known reason. In one recent case, a 16-year-old farm hand’s arm had to be reattached after it was severed in an attack by a normally docile hog during feeding.


Livestock do not always live in the most sanitary conditions, and, even domesticated animals can harbor devastating viruses and strains of bacteria. A small bite or scratch from a farm animal can lead to major complications from E. Coli, salmonella, and other pathogens.

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