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Do You Really Need a Lawyer for a Repetitive Stress Injury?

Repetitive stress injuries frequently start as small nuisances. Usually people who get these injuries make the same movements day after day. The first sign of repetitive stress injuries is that it is difficult to perform these tasks. It’s easy to write these difficulties off as part of getting older or experiencing routine stiffness. However, if left untreated, it is easy for repetitive stress injuries to develop into something worse.


In addition to stiffness, if you have a repetitive stress injury you may experience:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Redness
  • Pain

You may be thinking, OK, but why do I need a lawyer? It sounds like I need a doctor. Of course it is important to start treatment for repetitive stress injuries as soon as you can. However, many people will find that repetitive stress injuries are expensive to treat. Even if you have insurance, co-pays add up. Repetitive stress injuries are frequently chronic in nature, which brings us to another point: if you are trying to heal from this injury, how will you handle not being able to do the activity that started it? If it’s something like gardening or playing an instrument, you may be able to give it up, for a while at least. However, if the movement that caused your injury is an integral part of your job, this can seriously affect your chances for recovery.

In short, yes at least have a free consultation with an attorney to find out about your options. If you experienced this injury at work, you may be eligible for workers compensation benefits. If you were using a product, such as an instrument or tool, that product may have been poorly manufactured and therefore, responsible for your injury. Exploring legal options could allow you the opportunity to get the compensation you need and deserve.

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