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Day Care Negligence

When parents put their children into day care, they typically do so under the assumption that their children will receive high-quality supervision and care while separated form their parents. Unfortunately, it is very hard to know the level of care that a child will receive at a day care. As the number of single parent or dual income households increases, so does the demand for day care. Because of this demand, bountiful day cares with subpar standards now exist.

Day care workers are often not properly screened prior to employment. These workers may have issues with anger or negligence. Workers are often overloaded with children during the day. The ratio of workers to children can be unbelievable. Day care workers may be acting in good faith, but are simply unable to properly care for and look after the large number of children they are expected to take care of in order to keep their job.

When this happens, children can go hours with dirty diapers and left to scream themselves to sleep. These situations are also risky because children can easily slip out of sight and hurt themselves as they are left unsupervised

Another day care pitfall is the state of the facility itself. Too many day cares fail to properly remain sanitary and frequently leave out items that cause injury to children.

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