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Dangers of Curling Irons

Curling irons are a seemingly vital part of millions of American women’s daily beauty regimens. The long, metal devices appear to be far superior to other forms of hair curlers such as hot curlers or pin curls. They heat up quickly and get the job done fast, leaving the hair with perfect ringlet curls.

The only problem is that curling irons can be very dangerous. For all the convenience they provide, the inconvenience of being severely injured after one small mistake might make many people think twice about using them on a daily basis.

A Potentially Dangerous Daily Routine

Common household appliances such as curling irons really become a danger when they are used every day. After a period of using an item daily, many people stop being vigilant about safety. Using a curling iron might become second nature and caution is then thrown to the wind. Women who use curling irons should be aware of the possibility of:

  • Burns: curling irons are fast-acting because they quickly heat up to very high temperatures. One slip of the hand can result in burns so severe that skin grafting is sometimes necessary.
  • Fires: many people forget to turn their curling irons off after they are done. They are often in a rush to get to work or perhaps a date and put down the device the second they are finished. The curling iron can then set the whole house on fire.
  • Electrocution: when curling irons are exposed to water, they can be deadly.

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