Crane Accidents

Construction sites can be very dangerous places. Much of the machinery in a construction site can cause a great deal of damage and injury if used improperly. There are a lot of safety regulations that are meant to keep injuries to a minimum, but they are not always followed as closely as they should be. This leads to unnecessary injuries.

One of the many pieces of machinery that can cause a great deal of damage and injury is the crane. This machine can be very dangerous when it is used improperly, and can even be dangerous if it is being used properly.

Cranes are set to automatically shut down when the speed of the wind gets too high. This allows the crane to swing whichever direction the wind blows it so that it does not fall over. However, if the crane is lifting a large, heavy object at the time, this will swing in the wind with the crane. When this occurs, the swaying object can cause a great deal of damage as well as severe injuries.

There is also the possibility that the crane will fall over. If the crane is not set up to the proper safety regulations, it can fall over and injure many people. Not only will a crane injure people on the construction site at the time, but people in the surrounding area can also be injured quite easily by a falling crane.

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