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Common Hazards with Children’s Toys

Children are very susceptible to common hazards such as choking and lead exposure during the early stages of development. This is especially so because one of the chief methods they use to explore the world is to put objects in their mouths. Toy manufacturing companies must take these concerns into account when designing products for use by children so that they can create fun yet safe products for children to enjoy. Frustratingly, though, there are several problems that frequently lead to childcare product recalls.

Choking Dangers

Children have small windpipes, and they are often tempted to “taste test” small objects. Thus, it should come as no surprise that in 2001 alone, 17,537 children ages 14 and younger visited the hospital because of choking. Under the Child Safety Protection Act, toy marketers are expected to clearly label toys that have choking hazards, such as balls, marbles, and deflated balloons. If they fail to do so, tragic choking deaths may result.

The Presence of Magnets

Tiny yet powerful magnets called rare-earth magnets have become much cheaper recently, allowing toy designers to put them in a wide variety of children’s products. However, if these magnets fall out and are swallowed by a child, it can cause health complications from bowel obstruction to intestinal perforation. As of now, over 2 million toys have been recalled due to these dangerous rare-earth magnets.

Contaminants in Toys

Toxic metals such as lead and cadmium have been found in paint on children’s toys and in children’s jewelry, respectively. If a child absorbs these contaminants either through direct contact or ingestion, it can result in long-term problems, such as kidney damage.

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