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Cars Vs Pedestrians

Car crashes can be very dangerous. Thousands of people die every year due to traffic collisions, which are often alcohol related. The dangers of automobile accidents are greatly increased when they involve a car hitting a pedestrian. These are incredibly dangerous and often lead to death.

A pedestrian has absolutely no protection when he or she gets hit by a car. This makes the accident a very different situation than when two cars collide. A car has a large metal frame that can provide some protection from the impact of another car. It is also designed with airbags, crumple zones, and many other safety features that are meant to protect the driver and passengers. Unfortunately, a pedestrian has none of this protection.

When a pedestrian gets hit by a car there is a very good chance that he or she will be severely injured or even killed. A car travelling at 30 miles per hour can cause serious injuries when it hits another car. At that same speed, the car will do much more damage to an unprotected pedestrian. This is because the car has so much more mass than the pedestrian does.

When a car hits a pedestrian, it can very easily cause severe injuries and even death. This type of accident should never happen, but if it does, the driver should be held responsible in most cases.

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