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Brake Problems in Large Trucks

Large commercial trucks are able to quickly ship freight to any part of the country, making them an ideal form of transport for many companies. However, 18-wheelers and other large trucks pose increased safety risks for other motorists. Although these trucks make up just 4% of all registered vehicles in the U.S., they are involved in nearly half a million accidents each year, and because of their massive weight and potentially dangerous loads, these accidents can be deadly for other drivers.

One study of trucks that had been in accidents found that if they had been inspected just before the crash, more than a third would have been declared unfit for service, and a third of those trucks had defective brakes. Such clear acts of negligence put the lives of innocent, nearby drivers and passengers at great risk.

Causes of Brake Trouble

Any vehicle could experience brake trouble, but there are some specific things that make this more likely with large trucks:

  • Lack of proper safety inspection, or companies keeping false records regarding safety issues
  • Design or manufacturing defects
  • Weather conditions that exacerbate the already existing difficulty in braking properly
  • Driver fatigue can be a serious issue for long-distance truck drivers, and can make it more difficult to handle the complex braking system of 18-wheelers
  • Poor road conditions or inadequate signage can make it much more difficult for a large truck to brake safely

Anyone who has experienced such an accident knows all too well how devastating and overwhelming they can be.

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