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Boating Accident Factors

Many people are aware of the dangers of auto accidents and may be generally prepared for the repercussions of a crash. Unfortunately, these are not the only type motor vehicle accidents that can put passengers in considerable danger. Boating accidents are one of the most potentially hazardous types of incidents and can leave everyone on board at risk of severe injury. By developing an awareness of factors that increase the likelihood of boating accidents, you can lessen the chance that you will be involved in such an incident.

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Factors that Bear on the Effects of Boating Accidents

Though boats are similar to automobiles in the sense that they are complicated machines capable of obtaining considerable speed, the circumstances under which they are operated are very different. Some factors that may affect the safety of a boat’s passengers include:

  • Experience of the boat operator
  • Weather conditions when on the boat
  • Size of the boat
  • Type of waterway that the boat is traveling on
  • Speed of the boat
  • Number of people on board
  • Function of the boat and safety features
  • Intoxication of a boat operator

Even experienced boaters can be victims of an accident when the conditions are not desirable and other members of the party or careless drivers of other boats fail to adhere to the laws pertaining to boat travel.

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